Never Mind the Dice Rolls is the brainchild of two big fans of TTRPGs. We wanted to bring you a magazine full of interesting articles, truthful reviews, campaign ideas, and everything TTRPG. This was in response to mainstream magazines which often overlooked TTRPGs in favour of board and computer games.

Since issue 1 back in Sept 2021 we have gone from strength to strength with us learning the steep curving curve of magazine production. For year two we got an amazing overhaul in logo and layout from Mikhail Malkin and gone onto grow further, including now having our own Patreon so we can have physical copies of the magazine for our readers.

At the end of 2022 Kat became the solo Editor, as Nick left us to pursue his other projects Fanatical and Let Them Fight zines. They met originally at the Stratford Branch of RP Haven when Kat was Branch Manager and Nick came along, it was during lockdown when they discussed starting a magazine and from there Never Mind the Dice Rolls was born and we have been growing ever since.