Never Mind the Dice Rolls is the brain child of two big fans of TTRPGs. We want to bring you a magazine full of interesting articles, truthful reviews, campaign ideas, and everything TTRPG, so here are the Neverminds!

Nick played his first Role Playing Game in 2018. A huge fan of comics, adventure video games, movies & TV, he felt a huge piece of something he had been missing had fallen into place. By the end of the year he was a member of an RPG club. A year later he became that club’s Games Coordinator.

Since then he’s ran games at conventions & open game events, garnered more than a few play-tester credits on various RPG projects, designed and written his own games, became a student of “the whole RPG thing” and of course, set about to make a zine on his now favourite hobby.

When he’s not all about that RPG life Nick enjoys films, sci-fi and fantasy fiction, writing about himself in the third person and relaxing by painting to music.

Kat has been involved in TTRPGs for well over ten years, from a player and Storyteller to running a club. Recently she has branched into writing more TTRPG content, if you fancy a one player game then head to her twitter account to get hold of Dungeon Roomba.

Her personal gaming style swings between horror such as Vampire the Masquerade to goofy fun with Kobolds Ate my Baby or Tails of Equestria, so you can expect a wide variety of interests being showcased in the zine! You can find her on twitter as @meerforbeer where she regularly rambles about various things including RPGs and raging about the local buses.