In May we launched our Patreon page!

There are two main reasons we decided to go the Patreon route, firstly to allow for you to be able to have subscriptions of the magazine with ease. Whether you want to get a copy of the digital zine to read on your commute or to have a physical copy land on your doormat monthly, Patreon enables us to do that.

Secondly, it gives us a steady cash flow which allows for us to plan for the future and to pay writers for their articles. This payment whilst low at the moment will be reviewed each milestone of Patreons we reach and raised.

It also will in the future allow us to give back to the community, with ideas and plans for free Games Shop Packs to help them start up game’s days or nights, for helping set up conventions, and more.

Patreon Logo in red, clickable to go to Never Mind the Dice Roll's Patreon page